How to PASS AZ-900 Azure Fundamental (Training Materials)

How to PASS AZ-900 Azure Fundamental (Training Materials)

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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals

All Major Microsoft Azure Associate and Expert Level certifications need a strong Foundation and Azure Fundamentals Certification ( AZ-900 ) is providing just that.


AZ-900 Skills measured

The content of this exam was updated on November 9, 2020. Please download the exam skills outline to see what changed.

  • Describe cloud concepts (20-25%) ->Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud
    ->Iaas, PaaS, SaaS,
    ->High-Availibility, Scalability, Elasticity, Agility, DR , CapEx vs OpEx,
    ->Pay-As-You-Go-Price Model

  • Describe core Azure services (15-20%) ->Regions, AZ, RG, Subscriptions, Management Groups, Azure Resource Manager
    ->Resource Services like : Azure VM, App Service, Container Instance, Kubernetes Service
    ->Networking Services like : Virtual Networks, VPN Gateway, Virtual Network, Peering, Express route.
    ->Storage Services like : Blob, Disk, File, Table, Queue
    ->Database Services like : Cosmos DB, SQL DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Instance

  • Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure (10-15%) Basic Understanding and definition of some Azure code Solutions and tools,
    ->IoT Hub, Azure Sphere, Synapse Analytics, HDInsight, HDInsight, Databricks.
    ->Azure Machine learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Service, Functions & Logic Apps
    ->Azure DevOps, Github, Github Actions and Azure DevTest Labs

  • Describe general security and network security features (10-15%)
    ->Azure Security Center, Policy Compliance, Alerts, Resource Hygiene.
    ->Azure Key Vault, Sentinel, Azure Deicated Hosts functionality and usage.
    ->Network Security Group (NSG) , Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS Protection

  • Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features (20-25%)
    ->Authentication and Authorization
    ->Azure Active Directory, Conditional Access, MFS, SSO
    ->RBAC, Azure Policy, Users, Groups, Roles
    -> Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF)
    Describes Privacy and Compliance for Security, Privacy and Data protection.
    ->Azure Compliance Documentation.

  • Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements (10-15%)
    ->Azure SLA Service Level Agreement and Support Plans.
    ->Service LifeCycle in Azure.

That's it. Don't get Overwhelmed, as i mentioned everything mentioned above require basic knowledge and workability regarding those Azure Resources and Service definition to best understand each concept to get everything started.
No Deep Dive into any of those to create associate-level complex Azure Based Solution questions that require Hands-on experience. So Relex and follow along to know how to know all the above.

FIRST and MOST Important Resource

[Microsoft Learn - LEARNING PATH Part 1 to 6]

Each part focuses on different SKILLS MEASURED listed above in Video / Documentation tutorial.

Watch / Read through briefly. That's enough to know its Basics, Key Points are explained in them to Introduce each part for Azure Fundamental Exam.

Don't worry if it does not give you any Hands-On Experience YET. We will have another resource for that NEXT, available for Free.

Microsoft Learn is a very good resource to know any Azure-related Topic as they have a Hands-On Tutorial / Learning Path for the detailed topics. You will know in Future more advanced topics for our Associate / Expert-Level Training.

For now, MS Learn Part 1 to 6 would be more than enough first step for AZ-900

  • Only Paid Course (usually 10$) I recommend for Az-900 if you want. (Not mandatory)
    Azure Az-900 Udemy Course Created by Alan Rodrigues (Video + Hands On) (
    I bought it when it was on Sale on Udemy, Usually for 10 $
    And I must tell you, It's worth every penny of it. Must take if you can.

All Free Resources (Video + Hands On)

Youtube All-Star Courses

  • by Adam Marczak Its a Playlist for everything AZ-900 Needs. He explains Azure Fundamentals as its a Cake Walk.

  • by Andrew Brown - CEO - ExamPro this is internet Favourite One Video Course for AZ-900.
    My thoughts "Its PPT and Lecture Base Course. Yet so much informative and fast paced. Less Hand's On. "
    Take it for the love for Awesome Online Community supporting
    They are providing (Programming, Cloud related) world-class courses for free.
    Kudos to them.

  • I think you are Ready. But WAIT......

  • What about Hands-On Labs you can do.
    Check out Microsoft Learning Github Repo for AZ-900 Labs
    Check out AZ-900 Labs
    Follow along all 24 Labs listed and explained how to do it with your Free Azure Account - Free Tier Creation. MUST DO if you want to excel in your Exam.

  • I think you are ready now if you have followed the above path,

Register for the Exam and Schedule it here,
Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals ($ 99 for Normal Schedule or $ 15 if you are unemployed or affected by Covid-19)

Revise everything or any one thing that you like covers best for you before exam.

BONUS : this awesome PPT covers great as a revision material before AZ-900 EXAM. Click and go through a day or two before the EXAM Date.
[AZ-900 Exam Topic PPT] (

May the Cloud Be with you. GOOD LUCK !!

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