How to Pass AWS Solution Architect Associate SAA-C02/SAA-C03 in 2022-2023

How to Pass AWS Solution Architect Associate SAA-C02/SAA-C03 in 2022-2023

AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C03 exam is the latest AWS exam that has replaced the previous SAA-C02 certification exam on Aug 29 2022). It basically validates the ability to effectively demonstrate knowledge of how to architect and deploy secure and robust applications on AWS technologies.

This Notes/Blog would be helpful for people who wants to give SAA-C03 as well.

Going into an Exam with only Hands-On Experience is not enough and also Going in with only Reading and Watching Material will not get you pass on either. YOU NEED A COMBINATION OF BOTH.

Planning and Persisting the AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam is the only way you can pass the exam.

What I share here is my approach to learn and earn this Exam and understanding AWS Solution Architect's Job in Consulting, Building, and Creating Solutions that BEST meets Customer's Requirements and usecases on existing or New deployment in AWS Cloud.

What you Learn : AWS Services and its use cases, integration with other AWS Services, On-Prem and Cloud Connectivity, Networking, Migration, Storage, Serverless approach, AWS's DB Offerings, and their Capabilities, and much more that Solution Architect would need to use when building and consulting a Solution. And take the Correct Approach that fits as per Customer's Requirement. It could be Cost Effective, Highly Available, Durable, and Resilient Solution and based on that, different AWS Cloud Services to use.

I would highly recommend this Exam Study for anyone Who wants to work and improve their knowledge as Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Cloud Consultant, Cloud Engineer and Analysts.

Exam Day / 24 Hours to Exam Day

  • Read through Notes You have made
  • Go through Key AWS Services
  • Go to any Concepts/Service/Topic you marked as Hard or need review one more time before exam.
  • Review all AWS Services Overview from the Mind Map for AWS
  • Read / Boost your Mood on your Exam with Favourite Food or Motivational Video. Positive Mind is Key.

Sitting on Exam Key Points

    (65 Questions in 130 Minutes = 2 Minutes per Question)
  • Flag the Question to review later after spending around 1 minute and not sure of an answer but still choose to guess the answer. (sometimes it is the right answer, sometimes )
  • Questions are situational, twisted and multiple answers seem possible. Try to concentrate on the Questions first and read it out loud (In your mind). Try to find and analyze keywords like : most cost-effective, resilient, highly available, less operational overhead, and secure solution requirement. Answer / Eliminate Accordingly. -Once your get onto it one after another, Your mind will be all hyper-focused and starts connecting the dots with your preparation.

After Finishing the Exam and Survey, It takes 12 to 24 hours for AWS to deliver the Result (Pass / Fail)

Be prepared for any of the outcomes. "You can never fail until you keep trying". With that said, ALL THE VERY BEST and wish you Luck but I dont think you need luck after being Well Prepared for the Exam. ;)

AWS SAA Badge is AWSome. Go get it.


Thank you and Happy Learning.

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Jineshkumar Patel