EC2 Instance Migration to a different Region. How and why ?

EC2 Instance Migration to a different Region. How and why ?

AWS Cloud spans around 84 Availability Zones within 26 geographic regions around the world. With this Global Presence on a massive scale, AWS Customers use them to build their IT Infrastructure highly available and more robust.


In this Blog, We will see how we can migrate/copy AWS EC2 Server from one AWS Region to a different AWS Region Step by step.

Objective: Migrate EC2 from one AWS region to another AWS region

Prerequisites: AWS Account (Free Tier is Welcomed)

Why ? :
Let's say Company XYZ has started using AWS for one of their clients, and the primary condition is having a copy of the complete project setup available in multiple regions for a Disaster recovery Scenario.

How ? :
Follow the instructions given below to work on How to do it.

Follow Along :

  1. Create an Amazon EC2 Instance name "WebServer-Virginia" in Virginia region (us-east-1).
    (Select Amazon Linux 2 AMI and t2.micro instance type and all default settings in the Launch Instance Wizard).
    screely-1656778197855.png Note : Port 22 and Port 80 and 443 needs to open for Inbound Traffic in Security Group Settings. screely-1656779306911.png

  2. SSH into the EC2 Instance and Run below Commands to Install the Apache web server
    How to SSH EC2 using Putty from Windows Step-By-Step

    sudo yum update -y
    sudo yum install httpd -y 
    sudo service httpd start
    chkconfig httpd on
    sudo systemctl enable httpd
    sudo usermod -a -G apache ec2-user


    Boom !! Default Apache WebServer is ready. Wanna Test Default Test Page of Apache ?

    Go to your EC2 Instance's Public IPv4 DNS copy URL and Open in a new Tab of a Browser. screely-1656780466157.png screely-1656779759337.png

    Now back to the main requirement, Next steps to Migrate this Default Web Server to a different AWS Region.

  3. Create a Snapshot of this VM EC2 Instance screely-1656780671606.png screely-1656781054641.png

  4. Create an Image (AMI-Amazon Machine Image) from a Snapshot screely-1656781137193.png screely-1656781541478.png

  5. Copy Image(AMI) to London Region (any other region in AWS)
    screely-1656781646435.png screely-1656781741058.png So far, Original Web Server EC2 is in AWS's Virginia Region (Us-east-1) and now It's AMI-Amazon Machine Image is Copied to London Region (Eu-west-2)

  6. Launch Instance in London Region from AMI
    screely-1656782906689.png Launch Instance from AMI screely-1656783002051.png Note: Launch Instance Wizard shows AMI is selected from London Region "ami-022aa40367eac6824" and New Name of the Instance will be "WebServer-London". Create New Keypair and Launch. Also Make Sure London Region's EC2 Instance's Security Group allow SSH and HTTP/S Traffic in inbound rules.
    screely-1656783397560.png screely-1656783953689.png The Launched Instance this time will be Launched in London Region (eu-West-2) Test your London Region Web Server for its Default Apache Test Page already setup by Going to London EC2 Instance's Public IPv4 DNS and copying the URL and Open in a new Tab of a Browser.
    Example : screely-1656784302976.png screely-1656784369721.png

And this is how We successfully Migrated WebServer from Virginia Region to make WebServer in London Region.

Thank you for reading and following along with the Blog.

Happy Learning.

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Jineshkumar Patel